A driver is definitely a computer program that controls a particular hardware equipment attached to your computer. A printer driver converts the general input/output instructions that it receives from your application software in to the particular electric powered impulses which have been required to operate your printer. Printer motorists enable your application software to utilize your printer without needing to find out the technical specifications on the make and design of your particular printer.

Printer motorists should not be baffled with print spoolers. these are buffer areas where information being printed is temporarily saved until the printer, which usually operates at a a good offer slower speed, is able to print it.

Common operating systems, along the lines of ms Windows, come preloaded with motorists for well-known printer models. In some cases, however, you may need to set up the printer driver yourself. this could happen if you work an older operating system and purchase a newer printer model, for example.

If you need to set up the printer driver yourself, you will likely find out it on the installation cd that arrived along with your printer. Sometimes, though, you may need to obtain the driver yourself. one such example would be if you have a new printer design as well as the driver on the installation cd is an earlier version that doesn’t have all on the bugs worked out. on this case, it’s best to obtain and set up the latest driver from your manufacturer’s internet site.

If you can’t find out the driver on the manufacturer’s internet site, there are lots of lookup directories on the internet which have archives of all types of drivers. several of them also have an place where members can upload difficult to discover motorists for other people to download.

If you are downloading your printer driver yourself, remember that motorists are hardware dependant and operating system specific, so ensure you get the driver that suits equally the make and design of your printer as well as your operating system.