Did you recently update your personal computer and now your printer is not working? This actually happens added regularly than you think and you also can perform a few stuff to fix the problem. They are very simple and uncomplicated adequate for anybody to update windows drivers.

If you require the printer to work NOW
If you absolutely require the printer to work now and you also do not have time to mess around with something else and you also are specific it was the update that induced the problem, then there is a fast fix. It is only temporary, so you will should do a thing added long-term later.

Rollback the personal computer – It will take the personal computer back again to some configuration a few times ago when it was working
Windows Vista/ house windows 7
* Click Start
* type “System Restore”
* choose plan Restore under programs
* Click “Choose a Restore Point”
* choose a date prior to you do the update
* confirm and restart computer

Windows XP
* Click start -> All products -> accessories -> plan Tools->System Restore
* Click “restore my personal computer to some earlier time”
* Click Next
* choose a date prior to you do the update
* Click up coming and restart

Reinstalling the Printer Drivers
In some cases, the printer motorists for deficiency of the much better term get “screwed” up. They are overwritten by other products or get corrupted.

If you have restarted your personal computer and the printer is not working, then attempt unplugging your printer and plugging it back again in (not the energy cord however the printer cable). this could permit your personal computer to rediscover your printer also it might fix any glitches. If not, then use your printer compact disk to reinstall the drivers.

Updating the Drivers
If you cannot locate your printer driver compact disk or if that do not work, then you will should update the motorists to acquire the printer working again. Espon, Lexmark, Canon and the other large name printers have sites in which you can locate and download the brand new drivers. You will should match the motorists with your specific printer as well as your house windows operating plan (XP, Vista, 7).

When you download the drivers, it is frequently simpler to download it for the desktop. It are going to be simpler to locate should you download it there. However, you can download it wherever you choose. Just make certain you remember in which you download it generally because you could well should lookup for it later.

Installing the Updated Printer Drivers

Manual set up and Updating

Click Start
look after Panel
Printers and Faxes (Devices and Printers)
Click Printer Server Properties
Click the motorists tab
Click the driver you want to replace then click replace (You may well should browse around for it. this really is why you might remember in which you downloaded it.)

Automatic Updating made Easy
If you must update your printer drivers, it is much simpler just to allow computer software do it for you. Driver update computer software will instantly detect, download and set up the motorists for you. Just press a few buttons also it is done.